Slip-D – Hypnoelectronix No.1 [HPNX001]

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The North East of England is known for its role in helping to shape the UK House and Techno club landscape during the late 80’s and throughout 90’s. It’s infectious and raw energy engaged Slip-D from a young age exposing him to a number of venues including The Riverside, Empire, Pleasure Rooms and the hedonistic Rockshots. Drawing inspiration from the scene along with potent labels like Svek, Guidance and Shaboom that came in to prominence in the late 90’s, a bedroom studio set up of amassed hardware funded on a basic income was then formed over time. Residence in Teesdale Avenue, regular local Car Thefts and the wail of the Rag and Bone man all assembled themselves as a formula of what was happening outside the 4 walls of the studio. The vaulted Hypnoelectronix No.1 finally got pressed after some years, and transports us to the true crux of that era. More material to follow in 2017 on the HPNX imprint…