Roberto Auser – Color Of Your Soul [PNKMN21]

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Roberto Auser



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11,14 7,80

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  1. 1 Color Of Your Soul 2:00
  2. 2 Do You Want To Believe 2:00
  3. 3 Wake U Up 2:00


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Four years after his excellent Eclipse 12″, Roberto Auser is back on a Rotterdam staple: Pinkman. Color Your Soul has adopted some, but not all, of its older brother’s attributes. Lumbering with menacing intent, the title piece leaves wreckage in its bruising wake. “Do You Want To Believe” is cut from the same deviant cloth. Grunting rhythms stomp on tortured strings, industrial shrieks cry beneath the boot of a raging beat. The closer, “Wake U Up”, has Auser toying with his victim. Steam hisses, acid lines bulge, pistons pound and sirens blare in this boiled work of brooding brutality.