Myles Sergé – The Awakening EP (KW 014)

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Myles Sergé


Knotweed Records

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KW 014

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10,51 5,26

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Deep, moody, yet powerful techno from the Reclusive Perfectionist.

We already had the chance to have Myles on board two years ago, when he delivered the techno-heavy Tarifa E.P. (Knotweed 007).

This time Myles come up with two deeper, slower, moodier minimalistic tracks, venturing in more house territory: ‘Red Eye to Bogota’ and ‘When I Meet God’. Both tracks go over 10 minutes during which Myles slowly tweaks the rhythmic elements, basslines and chords for your aural pleasure.

Myles also delivers a more stripped-down uptempo techno track that we love him for, ‘TransMilenio’: its full on repetitive bassline should for sure inflict some dancefloor damage.