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Wax – No. 10001 [WAX 10001]


Near Mint (NM or M-)

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The Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe A.I. – Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Cafe [CAL010/C#27]


One of the two The Other People Place releases (the Warp full length and this 12). Drexciyan involvement in this classic release is obvious. One of the deepest and intense tracks with such a warm positive vibe. Flipside contains a track by Mystic Tribe. (not very mystical of course for those who know the history of Detroit techno. Unique track from a unique project… and there are not many projects with Tribe in its name. Their release on Retroactive is one Detroit techno collector items). One of those records that get you through the day. Classic!!! Re-issue on the Clone Aqualung Series with new artwork

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Annanan & Maroje T – The Brooklyn Sessions [Pnkmn020]


The Brooklyn Sessions bring together old and new Pinkman friends. Annanan returns, this time with Maroje T, for three pieces of NY darkness. Acid tainted torment opens the 12”, pain and rejection catalogued in the barren “Confrontations in Terms of Sexuality.” “I Saw You” maintains that cold edge. Militaristic percussion is dipped in industrial grease, lost samples circling in a haze of distortion. The pair explore reduction with tracks being boiled down to leave only distilled dread behind. The breathy vocals of “I Am” close, drum patterns looped into machine groan and the aching abyss.

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La-4a – Panic [Delft015]


LA-4A returns to Delft for his first release on the label since last year’s Phonautograph LP. The A side comprises two beatdown acid house jams, with two versions of the raucous electro cut “Snake Eyes” on the flipside. Heavy and uncompromising tracks that are not for the faint of heart. Sick release!

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